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Yurt Kit Estimate

Yurt porch
We offer our 30' diameter yurt as a complete kit. The standard kit comes with insulated floor (insulated to R-30), two (2) windows (3’ wide x 4’ high), and 1 regular sized entry door (36” wide). The BUNGALOW yurt comes with insulated log walls (insulated to R-24) and an insulated roof (insulated to R-30) with water tight seals. The rafters are 2” laminated veneer lumber with a standing seam ROUND metal roof.

Below are questions to answer, which will allow us to provide you with a budget price for your yurt.

BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER, most people when they hear or see the word yurt, they think CHEAP STUUCTURE. A soft lattice wall yurt (although well made) is just that - a cheap structure. Our insulated log cedar yurts are approximately the same price as a conventional stick built home (between $350,000 and $600,000.

If you would like a quotation, please fill out the form below.

Any Structure that introduces water and sewage (i.e. kitchen/bathroom) WILL require a building permit.

The Structural

The Blueprint

The Floor

The Wall / Logs

We use our insulated log (up to R-24 walls). Our standard pricing is cedar inside and cedar outside.

When planning on building a loft an additional head room is recommended.

The Roof

The roof is a galvanized standing seam metal roof. Budget price approx. $25,000.

The Windows

Our windows are 3' wide and 5' high.
2 Windows are included.


36" x 6" x 8' is our standard.

Usually done by a local carpenter:

Decks, Interior Walls, Loft, Kitchen Cabinets, Bathroom Vanity, Plumbing.

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