Remote camps

Remote camps

We have come up with a solution to remote camps for a cook shack/ gathering room and accomodations.

Better still, this entire building and all it’s components are able to be removed and relocated to a new location when you are finished your project

Our camps are set up using a larger central kitchen / bathroom / central gathering area with covered walkways leading to private bedrooms

These bedrooms could be as small as 16′ for single bedrooms to as large as 20′ or even 30′ diameter multi bedrooms.

Below you will find 2 conceptual drawings 1 in a pod setting with central bathroom / kitchen and 1 in a community setting where EVERY yurt has their own bathroom.

We need to sit down with you and our dealer in your area to complete a needs assessment and offer the proper design for your needs and budget

We have an awesome design team that can provide you and your housing team with some of the most unique never before seen highly insulated options available We want to be of service to you and look forward to the opportunity.

First all the floor sections are shipped in pie shapes FULLY INSULATED prior to shipping

The most unique feature of our units is NO BASEMENT

Your installers (and we can offer training or install for you on a contract basis) simply install SCREW PILINGS or screw anchors They screw through everything from permafrost and solid clay with very little impact on the landscape Also EXCELLENT if you want to install on un-even ground.

Very little disturbance when you leave in 4 or 5 years – take the yurt apart and un-screw the pilings right out of the ground.

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