The modular floor system was designed to be shipped on barges or in a container


This design is for a 30′ diameter cedar yurt

We use “SIPS”. Structural insulated panels.

Each section has 1.5″ pressure treated lumber custom cut to fit flush all around the pie.

The top and bottom is OSB glued  in place. The splines that connect the pieces are insulated splines.

Depending on where this home will be built, we have several recommended installation methods as well as thicknesses to meet the building code for that zone.

Regular Installation

If your home is not in a high wind area you can (or our installers) set up your home on the same blocking used to install mobile homes

Peir Blocks

Another method of installation is concrete pier blocks. They spread the load and bolt to the floor

High wind areas or un-even ground or installation where concrete costs too much or when building permits are required

In these situations we recommend installation on top of screw pilings

Whichever method you decide to use get the floor installed.

We recommend that all your services (water, sewage, electricity have been trenched and installed in an insulated box under where they will penetrate the floor.

How Well Insulated Will The Floor Be?

  • Floor is made using 10” thick GPS (Graphite infused polystyrene foam) to carry the span of 10’
    By infusing the foam with graphite the “R” value is increased from 3.5 to R-5 per inch
  • Cold temperature R-Value for Type GPS Foam = R-5 per inch
    R-value of 5/8″ thick OSB sheathing = R-0.51
    10″ = R-50
  • ADD THE SHEETING OF 5/8” OSB = R-0.51 – new value is R-51.78
  • This exceeds all code requirements for floor insulation in every province in Canada.
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