Main panel in the framed walls and electrical chase is in the logs


On The Inside Of Your Home

The notch on the inside of your logs will serve as the electrical wire management system for your entire home. What that means is that all your electrical wiring for plugs, light switches etc. will be run inside this space. All wiring for the plugs can be fished from this space up through pre drilled holes and into the duplex receptacle with none of the wire showing. When finished running all your electrical wiring simply install the baseboards.

If you need to run more wires, remove the baseboard, run the wire and re install the baseboard.

Plumbing and electrical will be completed on site by qualified sub trades companies.
We will ship our cedar yurts as a kit to be installed by the end user or by our own installers.

We do not include any pricing for plumbing, bathroom or kitchen fixtures or kitchen appliances.

We also do not include any pricing for any electrical unless it is requested.

We do however notch a hole for a duplex receptacle under every window as well as several logs. The installer will install the log with the hole for a plug where the homeowner wants a plug.

There is also exterior lights at both doors, gang boxes for exterior and interior lights and more

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