Micro-Log Cedar Yurt

Cheaper than a tiny home

If no permits are required, this may be the yurt for you.

No sub trades (electrical, plumbing etc.) are included in these prices. There is, however, real glass windows that open with bug screens and a real door.

A fairly well-insulated yurt (walls are R-12), insulated floor (R-20) and a SOLID standing seam metal roof are what we offer. Nice and warm but still not able to get a building permit as it does NOT meet all aspects of the building code. If you do NOT require permits, this is the yurt for you.


15' diameter is $114,000 (176 sq. ft.)
18' diameter is $120,000 (254 sq. ft.)
21' diameter is $130,000 (346 sq. ft.)
24' diameter is $140,000 (452 sq. ft.)
27' diameter is $167,000 (572 sq. ft.)
30' diameter is $197,000 (706 sq. ft.)

Plus delivery, installation and taxes. Materials and labour not included to install the floor.


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