We offer three different levels of yurts – the old saying is true –

MOST when they see or hear the word YURT, think cheap building

While that is true for the most part, you can’t get building permits for the soft walled yurts as they have very little insulation. To keep the price down the windows are NOT real glass – just a clear piece of vinyl velcro taped to the canvas.

After 46 years building residential and commercial, I refuse to offer something that will not stand up to our winters

Throughout this web site you will read about the following

A 3 season yurt – solid cedar walls, real glass windows that open and a vinyl roof to keep the price down to compete with the soft walled yurts –
pricing on the pricing page


BUDGET PRICING for our solid cedar walled yurts are

21 foot diameter is $24,500                        346 square feet
24 foot diameter is $27,500                        452 square feet
27 foot diameter is $29,900                        572 square feet
30 foot diameter is $35,500                        706 square feet

You receive 2 windows that open with real glass and bug screens,
one person door at 36″ wide with half glass, 8′ high solid cedar walls,
a center ring with bubble and rafters to hold up your vinyl roof.
Platform / floor is not included in the pricing.

So where does this leave you at this point. You have a vandal proof (and
yes, vandals have been slicing through the thin canvas of a soft walled yurt
and stealing items through the large holes in the lattice walls). You have
real glass windows that open but you still have to make your floor and you
still have a vinyl roof – what can we do to help you out here? LOTS!

The platform or yurt floor is usually done by a local carpenter to save on
shipping or we offer an insulated floor upgrade for $5 – 7,000. This is what
is called a Structural Insulated Panel or SIP. You still have to install it but
the work is done for you. Each piece slides together over an insulated spline.

A standing seam metal roof to replace the vinyl roof is between $12,000 and $17,500
This is what your yurt would look like now and yes, we can even offer you one
or more skylights, taller windows, higher walls and more.


Want additional windows? No problem – gang as many as you wish. Each new window section is 48” wide and features a curved wood header and metal flashing for $1,800. No worries about wind or rain now and if you have a nice view you can enjoy it by not having to look through a lattice wall which is what you get in a soft sided yurt. Your choice of sliders, double hung, half awning or full awning and more – just ask


You purchased a yurt to keep the costs down however we also want our comforts without icicles forming inside our yurt.

EVERYTHING you add to your round tent will cost you money

Want to add insulation (that works) to your yurt walls? The floor, roof and walls are where you want to invest a bit more money up front. Your investment here will equal the amount of comfort and enjoyment you will have for years to come.

This is our typical solid cedar yurt wall. A FULL inch and a half of solid cedar. The same joint used in our cedar hot tubs so you know it is water tight. It is still only 1 ½” thick with no insulation. It is stronger than a lattice wall but still colder than you may wish.


Almost everyone that purchases a yurt wants to add insulation. Even to our solid cedar yurts. One client screwed rigid insulation to the outside and added metal roofing all around the yurt. Looks beautiful and certainly nice and warm but a lot of extra work – that gave our engineering department an idea….

WHAT IF ……. we made our cedar walls with wood on the inside and on the outside and glued the wood to warm foam insulation?

What if your log walls looked like this?

Solid wood on both sides with 2” of GPS (GRAPHITE infused polystyrene foam) between offering you an R-12 yurt wall.


A fairly well insulated yurt (walls are R-12), insulated floor (R-20) and a standing seam metal roof. Nice and warm but still not able to get a building permit as it does NOT meet all aspects of the building code.  If you do NOT require permits, this is the yurt for you.

SO what will all this look like if I only have a budget of $90,000 for my 24 foot diameter yurt and I want 2 real glass windows that open?

BUDGET figures for a 24′ dia yurt with 2 real glass windows and 1 door

24 foot diameter                   452 square feet                   $27,500
A standing seam metal roof                                              $ 17,500
Rafter and insulation package for metal roof                   $  5,900
Insulated floor upgrade                                                     $  12,500
SUPER LOG upgrade                                                          $ 33,100

INVESTMENT in a well insulated yurt                                $96,500
(plus delivery, installation & taxes)
Materials and labor not included to install floor












A well insulated yurt that is stamped and signed by a licensed engineer, passes all RSI value regulations necessary for permits and meets all regulations under the National Building code. R-40 floors, R-30 walls and R- 40 to 60 roofs





Check out all three to see which one suits your needs and budget – get all the information up front so you can make an informed decision.

You have no idea how many people I speak to every year that got taken thinking they could live in a soft walled yurt only to find out AFTER they made their purchase that it was not possible

Call or email now so we can get you started on the right foot – yurtguy51@gmail.com

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