Imagine a Log Cabin Home.

With you or your family in it.

We Make Cedar Yurts!

Handcrafted Cedar Yurts including Micro-Log or Well-Insulated.

Yurts are a cheap and relatively comfortable way to live that doesn't require a large investment in time or money compared to a more traditional tiny home or full-size house.

We have spent 7,000 hours over 3 years working with engineers, architects and builders to develop a well-insulated yurt (a round house), which fits many situations and budgets.

The logs stand vertically, creating a circle house, but they can also be laid horizontally, creating a conventional log home. Each log is engineered using kiln-dried wood, the results of an engineered log are no settling and no splitting.

For the circle house, the floor arrives in fully-insulated sections. The roof can be sheeted in with asphalt or cedar shingles, individual metal panels, standing seam metal roof, or sheeted with thatch roofing or whatever suits your climate and budget.

The inside offers the same options, standard windows and doors keep the cost down. Single story or 2 story. You may have a loft for the children or for quiet times of reflection.

Lay back with a good book or simply gaze out at the stars through your centre bubble. A house isn't a yurt, but a yurt can be a great house and a wonderful home!

A Most Unique Log Cabin/Home

We offer two different levels of Cedar Yurts:

  1. Micro-Log Cedar Yurt - THE BUNGALOW
    No permits are required but a nice warm, well-insulated cedar yurt. This yurt features our new micro-insulated log, insulated floor and a standing seam metal roof.
  2. Well-Insulated Cedar Yurt - THE VILLA
    Comes with a set of blueprints signed off by an engineer, ready to apply for a building permit. We have engineered an insulated log that meets the National Building code for R-value and building permits.

The old saying is true, "You get what you pay for!"

When most people see or hear the word YURT, they think of a cheap building. While that is true for the most part, you can’t get building permits for the soft-walled yurts as they have very little insulation. To keep the price down the windows are NOT real glass – just a clear piece of vinyl velcro taped to the canvas.

After nearly 50 years of building residential and commercial, we refuse to offer something that will not stand up to our winters.

Micro-Log Yurts

Cedar yurt w chairs

A fairly well-insulated yurt (walls are R-12), insulated floor (R-20), and a standing seam metal roof. Nice and warm but still not able to get a building permit as it does NOT meet all aspects of the building code. If you do NOT require permits, this is the yurt for you.

Insulated Cedar Yurts

Insulated logs

A well-insulated yurt that is stamped and signed by a licensed engineer, passes all RSI value regulations necessary for permits, and meets all regulations under the National Building code: R-40 floors, R-30 walls, and R-40 to R-60 roofs.

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